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Online Marketing

The important thing a website owner can for his or her website is to plan out the type of website you want, discover who your audience is before you build and most importantly determine how much you can afford.

Every website is supposed to be unique! If you’re not sure who your audience is, you had better discover it fast, because you don’t want to miscalculate when it comes market size, customer type and/or when and how often they’ll buy from you.

Internet marketing is not a set and forget it type of business action, it is dynamic always bobbing and weaving like a boxer. Certain types of websites go from the extreme to the fancy to the full of bells and whistles. Sure, you can take the time to build a using a website builder, but, there’s no guarantee those (Page Views) are going to come in the form of visitors. In the website world of design much has to be done in order to capture eyeballs and turn those eyeballs into actual customers.

This is why we at ECA Information Systems, LLC strive to make sites attractive and visitor friendly for our clients because the true measure of our success is your getting page views and eventually new sales leads to follow-up on.