PC Scammer Alert!

One of the very problems in IT is that anyone who have even the smallest amount PC Repair knowledge, can enter this field with their own version of PC Repair Services, either online or offline that for the most could be a Scam! Well thank god for Government Agencies like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and various State Regulators, that really want to protect the public from these Con-Artists who scam the General Public for a Big-ass payday!
A mind is terrible thing to waste!  Read the latest Scam Alert and what’s being done by Uncle Sam to protect you from these fraudsters https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/ftc-cracks-down-tech-support-scams
Enough is enough! Your greed is ruining it for the Genuine PC Technician’s with honest skill’s, integrity, and the ability to genuinely repair a PC system-because they have CompTIA credentials (like A+, Network+ and/or a AAS Degree in IT). The next step is Jail for you SOBs!!!. Many of these scammers are based overseas in foreign countries where US Laws have very little effect in protecting US Citizens. However it appears now, that a hand few of U.S. PC Repair scammers, are still trying to pull this type of scam on unsuspecting citizen’s who have little, or no PC knowledge. This scam was a big thing several years ago, and lots of people lost millions and millions, with no fixed PC! In fact their wasn’t even a PC issue in the first place, just a phone call after a download and/or sometimes out of the blue, with someone claiming to be a technician from a company and would say “You have a PC Virus, etc and they could fix-it” for $29.00 or $49.00. Imagine! those costs multiplied x’s several 100,000 or more US Citizens.

What the heck? Now that Governments are involved, and taking these people to courts and demanding they return the stolen cash back to consumers, the “Good Guy’s may now be able win new business” and provide real help to consumers.
Never fear the Government is on the job (FTC) shutting these clowns down, and freezing their assets, all in the name of fair play in “PC Repair” business, sometimes more regulation is a good thing, it keeps us all safe Technology and Money-wise.
Say What?