What we do!

Company Overview

Our Company was formed in San Francisco in 1986 as an Independent sales agency, representing small Importers from Asia. After a few years of promoting and selling goods from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We began to see a shift in the Import/export trade which signaled that our company should begin developing a relationship with manufacturers of computer parts and components.

In 1995 Edward Cottman began the transition from a limited line Sales Agency to a Full-line Sales Agent, representing 3 San Francisco based I.T. Distributing Retailers. From that point on, our little Company became fully involved in the hardware and software business. By 1998, our Company was selling custom-built Computers to Medical, Realty and Legal organizations throughout Northern California.  The years have taught us a lot about IT, and where it may be going in the future and the future was looking great as technology was speeding toward more tech-savvy and revolutionary tools and platforms like “Cloud, and Internet of things” IoT.

Next Wave in tech

We are constantly adjusting and evolving. Our staff has grown and our services portfolio to, as we’ve entered the “Cloud Services” arena which covers several services which every small business needs and wants; if those services can be had at the right price.

Our Service Portfolio-Click to links Partner sites!

  • Hosting

  • Cloud Computing

  • Security

  • Email Hosting

  • Website Design/Development

  • PaaS

  • VPNs

  • Virtual Private Servers

  • Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)