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The most important aspect of being an Edward Cottman & Associates client is receiving services beyond your expectations. This is what separates the bad IT vendors from the truly excellent ones, we don’t and won’t, make promises we can’t keep, our reputation and client engagement is what keeps us in business and at the top of mind; when additional services are needed : “Call us first, before calling our competitors”. To see if we’re the firm for you.

Website design/development

Every website designed by us are fully tested, and in compliance by no less than three internal designers, a Team Leader. Your website is reviewed for content accuracy, spelling, ease of navigation as well as other tests that we developed 4 years ago.

Our Design team lead/manager possesses a 4-year degree in Web Design/Development from a major University, and over 5 years of design experience. His expertise at design will amaze you! And his cool ways of working on projects, assures your site will be ready to go live on time.

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